Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails


This treatment has the nutrients along with hydration known to strengthen your hair, nails, and skin. The vitamins help thicken hair, make thin nails stronger, and add a glow to your skin. This package includes basic hydration as well as biotin, Glutathione, and vitamin C
What comes with it?
Normal Saline
Normal saline is a mixture of water and sodium chloride that replenishes the fluids necessary for normal body function. Saline can aid in replacing the fluids and electrolytes you may have lost through everyday activities. It will act as a base in which vitamins and other medications can be added if necessary.
Biotin is an essential vitamin in fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism. It has been shown to improve skin, hair and nails. In fact, it is regularly used to treat hair loss, brittle nails, and nerve damage. In addition, pregnant and breastfeeding women may require more biotin.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a known antioxidant which is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. It can help reduce the symptoms of a cold, making it less severe. Vitamin C is also essential in healing wounds, maintaining the immune system, and keeping bones, teeth, and cartilage healthy.

Glutathione: Amino Acid
Glutathione is a mineral that exists in every cell in the body and is produced naturally by the liver. Glutathione can boost the immune system, provides antioxidant like benefits, and helps break down nutrients for better absorption by the body. This amino acid can also improve alertness and helps metabolize body fat while supporting muscle growth. Other benefits include improved skin tone and improved energy levels.

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