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Want to feel amazing during your workout? How about before and after our workout? Do you have a consistent routine? This package is for you. Added to basic hydration is an amino acid blend that helps with protein metabolism, cell volume, and anti-catabolism of cells. This package can help your body metabolize fat and supports new muscle growth while preventing breakdown of your muscles.

What comes with it?

Normal Saline
Normal saline is a mixture of water and sodium chloride that replenishes the fluids necessary for normal body function. Saline can aid in replacing the fluids and electrolytes you may have lost during everyday activities. It will act as a base in which vitamins and other medications can be added if necessary.
L-Arginine: Amino Acid
This amino acid is convered to nitric oxide which can help opnen blood vessels for improved blood flow. This leads to improved performance and improved endurance due to improved delivery of oxygen to tissues and muscles
Lysine: Amino Acid
This amino acid can enhance blood flow throughout the body. This AA is also used to convery fatty acids into energy while lowering cholesterol levels. In addition, this AA can also aid in the maintenance of bones and health bone growth.
Citrulline: Amino Acid
This AA can help improve blood flow while supporting a healthy immune system
Carnitine: Amino Acid
This AA can help improve energy levels while also improving fat metabolism. It is can also help reduce recovery time in the gym and promotes muscle building.
Glutathione: Amino Acid
Glutathione is a mineral that exists in every cell in the body and is produced naturally by the liver. Glutathione can boost the immune system, provides antioxidant like benefits, and helps break down nutrients for better absorption by the body. This amino acid can also improve alertness and helps metabolize body fat while supporting muscle growth. Other benefits include improved skin tone and improved energy levels.

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